30+ years of innovation
in automotive software.

Our company is specialized in the development of advanced management solutions for the automotive sector (workshops, dealerships, automotive groups, and top brands) with over 30 years of experience in software design.


Inforserveis is founded in the city of Barcelona by Joaquín Barca and initially works on software management services for various sectors, including the automotive industry.



Inforserveis moves its headquarters to the city of Manresa (Barcelona) and expands its technical team.



The emergence of Windows 95 is a revolution in the world of computing. Inforserveis develops its Multicompany and Multibrand W32 management products (the second one specific to the automotive sector).



Inforserveis makes a great international leap and begins marketing its Multibrand product in Mexico.



Multibrand obtains Seat certification and becomes a significant asset in the automobile company's official network.



Inforserveis establishes a subsidiary in Mexico, reaching a 10% market share in dealerships with its Multibrand product.



The company undergoes a generational shift with the incorporation of Pau Barca, son of founder Joaquín Barca, culminating in the company's orientation towards the automotive sector.



CAR (Cloud Active Reception) is developed, a new software that works with tablets and facilitates the reception and management of vehicles in workshops and dealerships.



Multibrand is redefined, becoming IsAuto.CAR, evolving to facilitate global service management (360°). 70% of Inforserveis invoicing is from licenses sold abroad.



CAR is approved by the Volkswagen group. Inforserveis enters the market in places as diverse as the United States, Italy, Morocco and Peru.



Inforserveis expands its offices, expanding its technical team twofold.

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